Monday, June 26, 2017 Special Cow/calf Pair, Lamb, and weigh up sale

sale time 10:00 am


D&D Frank 25 blk& red st pairs blk & red clvs at side
M&R Storm 35 blk st pairs 300# blk & bldy clvs at side
D&R Kopren 35-8&9 yr old pairs 300# char clvs at side
L Hall 35 Blk solid to broken mouth pairs Blk clvs at side
L Brown 30 Blk 6yr old cows Clv 8-25 for 30 days
T Koepplin 70 weaned lambs 90-100#
K Russell 75 lambs 90#
L Johnson 30 Blk & Red Yearlings 7-800#
Hall Ranch 10 Blk Yearlings 7-800#

More pairs, feeder cattle,& sheep expected by sale time.

Monday, July 3 No Sale

Mondy, July 10 Regular cattle, Special Yearling & New Crop Lamb Sale

Monday, July 17 Special yearling & weigh up sale.

Monday, Aug 21 Grand Opening BBQ sale. Special yearling & weigh up sale.



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