Monday, November 7 Special all-breed's calf sale

sale time 10:00 expecting 3500-4000 calves


Laurenz 200 blk & bldy steers FS
Buer 250 angus calves
Lermeny 175 angus steers
Lermeny 150 angus heifers EH
Simon 125 angus steers
Palmer 130 angus calves
Akers 160 blk & bldy calves
Beld 150 char & blk calves
Salzer 100 lim x calves
Capp 125 blk & red steers
Erickson 100 char & blk calves
SDSU Antelope 155 angus calves
Alley 120 angus calves

More calves expected by sale time.  Over 95% of the calves will have fall pre-conditioning shots with shot records available on sale day.

Tuesday, November 7 Weigh-up cow & sheep sale
Friday, November 11 Special bred cow & heifer sale

Monday, November 14 Special all-breed's calf & yearling sale
    Weigh-up cows to sell at 9:00 am

Monday, November 21 Special feeder cattle, bred cow & heifer sale
Friday, November 25 Wilken Angus Ranch 2-yr-old bull sale



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