Lawrence H. Vance managing the Mobridge sale barn in 1950, later in 1975 at Faith Livestock.








Dale McPherson, Kirk Kirkpatrick auctioneers, with Gary, Jack and Dan Piroutek.








Faith Livestock October calf sales in 1983 with Dan Piroutek auctioneering.









Gary W Vance, Max Loughlin, Jack Loughlin, Jacque Hight (son Jack) & Scott Vance on November 19, 2007.


Auctioneers with Gary Vance

Kyle Schobe (2010 World Champion)

Dale McPherson, Seth Weishaar & Doug Dietterle













                 Office and ring staff                                                   Gary W. Vance

Wanda Ruth, Shilo Engel, Jody Grubl, Karen Price, Julie Foster, Carol Carmichael and Peggy Mastel (standing)
JoAnn Brown (office manager) and Sebbie Keil (sitting)







JoAnn's retirement on August 19, 2013







Karen Price, Teresa Hale, Peggy Mastel, Julie Foster, JoAnn Brown, Jody Grubl, Sebbie Keil & Karleen Drum








Scott Vance, Gary Vance (standing)
JoAnn Brown (sitting)

Where is Faith
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