We continue to look at more livestock in the country, if you are looking to buy or sell livestock feel free to contact us anytime. 
Call the office at 605-967-2200.

Faith Livestock has recently teamed up with Western Video Market to offer video sales to our customers.  Western Video requires a representative to be connected to a licensed and bonded auction market.  This puts more security into your livestock sales and creates a very impressive network of livestock people all working for you, the producer.

Dish Network Channel 998 or online at www.wvmcattle.com

 Livestock will be listed on Cattle USA as well as Faith Livestock's website to a growing crowd of buyers.  The Internet is viewed by millions of people daily and has been our greatest advertising tool. 

We at Faith Livestock hope that this will offer more marketing options for our new and regular customers, while maintaining the benefit of a license and bonded auction market.  Feel free to contact us with any questions.